The Small Journey In My New Nikes

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I bought these custom-designed Nike Free Runs 5.0 because I’ve always wanted shoes in these colors and I’ve never had my own money to invest in them myself. After having a job all summer, I decided that it is finally time that I invest in a pair that I’ll get to keep for a long time. And let me tell you, the first time I put them on, I feel in love. The colors are so perfect, my feet are so much more supported then they were when I used my super knock-off cheap running shoes *swoon*. 



2015-09-03 08.30.53 1

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2015-09-11 01.15.38 1

2015-09-14 01.03.36 1

2015-09-14 01.03.34 1

I just think it’s so cool looking at these kinds of pictures because you see a part of the journey not much people pay attention to…Or maybe I’m just weird. I also just really like how the ground looks sometimes (oh I’m definitely weird. Jeez).



My ACL Experience

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I am back in College Station, going through withdrawals of not being in Austin and sitting around and enjoying amazing music for my entire weekend. ACL, also known as Austin City Limits, is an annual 3-day music festival that occupies the first two weekends of October [so a total of 6 days]. If you’ve never heard about it, I’ll have the ACL Lineup for this year just so you can get a jist of the type of people that may be there in the future.

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Anyways, I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend, and here is a little gallery of mine!


If you didn’t notice, I sat down a lot. I mainly like to experience music by really feeling the music and relaxing. I’m not much for jumping around and screaming, more analyzing the music and appreciating it. I love love love this festival so much because I get to see a wide variety of artists and being out in Austin just makes me happy. Pretty much, the entire weekend was a blur of waking up late, walking, listening to great musicians, walking, then sleeping. I absolutely love going to music festivals.

If you’re wondering, I got to see The Foo Fighters, Drake, the Weeknd, Of Monsters and Men, Tame Impala, Walk the Moon, A$AP Rocky, Twenty One Pilots, Brandon Flowers, Cherub, Run the Jewels, and a lot of others that I didn’t know the names of artists and in passing. For the money I spent on these tickets, the experience is so worth it!

Thanks for joining me on my trip and I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if of your experience if you’ve been to any music festivals in the comments below. Don’t forget to like and reblog to share the love ♥


San Jose, CA and Las Vegas, NV

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Welcome to the inside look of my trip San Jose, CA and Las Vegas, NV. This is the last trip for this summer before I have to officially move into my house and begin my 3rd year of college. It was a ton of fun visiting family and spending time with them and I can’t wait to come back and see them again. Let’s take a look at my attempt at being a photographer and just the random pictures I took.

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Where have you been this summer?


Cancun, Mexico

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My family and I took a relaxing trip to Cancun, Mexico.

CaptureIt’s located on the very east on Mexico, actually quite close to the border. Although there have been talk of travels to Mexico being quite dangerous, I tend to want to turn a blind eye to gossip like this, just because it’s ( from my experience ), just paranoia from parents and other adults. So I did a bit of research. From this, all I prepared myself for was to hold a tight grip on my bag that I will have on me, and never leaving my camera from my sight. But even then, that’s something I do even in the states.

I believe that people that are truly scared of something bad happening to them while in another country, are just that. Scared. And I think that people are just scared because they’re worried. Because they just want a fun and lovely trip in another country, but just in case something were to happen when they’re not in the town that they’ve lived in for years… Of course that’s terrifying. The thought of being lost and alone in another country that you’re not familiar with? A country that you barely speak the language of? That’s terrifying.

But my trip was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful, relaxing, and some of the happiest days I’ve had in a long time. We stayed at the Moon Palace “Sunrise” Resort. We did a bunch of excursions, such as jet skiing, snorkeling, zip-lining, and ATVing, which was so much fun. I wish I had a GoPro or a waterproof pouch for my phone so I could’ve taken pictures of the ocean and rain that I had to endure.

I’m trying to get myself to take more pictures for memories, but I am one of the worst people in the world on taking pictures of what I’m doing, where I’m at, and myself. With my new S6, I have such a great portable camera, which was so much easier than bringing my Canon around, mainly because it’s a lot bulkier than my phone.

I am so glad I could have experienced the things that I did. It was my first time zip-lining. I finally mustered the courage to conquer and attack my fear of heights and go, but I’m still terrified of heights. But zip-lining was my favorite part of the entire trip, because it was a bit of a thrill with all the fun of rain and wind in your face. I also got to drive an ATV for the first time [ my family and I obviously don’t do much intensive stuff like this ], but my sister and I convinced them to let us do some of the stuff we’ve been dying to try out. Even with pouring rain in your face, driving an ATV is just fun in general. The fear of tipping over , but never slowing down, is strangely addicting.

This was my first vacation of the summer, mainly because I’m working this year. I’m getting to visit Las Vegas and San Jose in the next month, so make sure to follow and check back soon!

Have you been anywhere fun and exciting? Let me know in the comments!