My ACL Experience

Hello loves ♡ !

I am back in College Station, going through withdrawals of not being in Austin and sitting around and enjoying amazing music for my entire weekend. ACL, also known as Austin City Limits, is an annual 3-day music festival that occupies the first two weekends of October [so a total of 6 days]. If you’ve never heard about it, I’ll have the ACL Lineup for this year just so you can get a jist of the type of people that may be there in the future.

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Anyways, I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend, and here is a little gallery of mine!


If you didn’t notice, I sat down a lot. I mainly like to experience music by really feeling the music and relaxing. I’m not much for jumping around and screaming, more analyzing the music and appreciating it. I love love love this festival so much because I get to see a wide variety of artists and being out in Austin just makes me happy. Pretty much, the entire weekend was a blur of waking up late, walking, listening to great musicians, walking, then sleeping. I absolutely love going to music festivals.

If you’re wondering, I got to see The Foo Fighters, Drake, the Weeknd, Of Monsters and Men, Tame Impala, Walk the Moon, A$AP Rocky, Twenty One Pilots, Brandon Flowers, Cherub, Run the Jewels, and a lot of others that I didn’t know the names of artists and in passing. For the money I spent on these tickets, the experience is so worth it!

Thanks for joining me on my trip and I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if of your experience if you’ve been to any music festivals in the comments below. Don’t forget to like and reblog to share the love ♥



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